Camping Cooking Kit (771) In Stock Now

This camping kit has everything you need to cook and eat a hearty camping/picnic meal! Plus, with a collapsible dish washing tub, you can clean up afterwards, too!

Return Checklist:

  • 4 black enamel plates
  • 4 black enamel mugs
  • black enamel tea pot
  • camping coffee percolator
  • folding stove (single burner) [cooking fuel NOT included]
  • collapsible dish washing tub
  • short-handled metal tongs
  • long-handled metal tongs
  • long-handled metal serving spoon
  • metal serving flipper
  • can opener
  • 24 cm non-stick fry pan
  • 16 cm non-stick sauce pan with glass lid
  • 20 cm non-stick Dutch oven with glass lid